New updates and improvements to ServerAvatar

  1. 🔥 v6.4.3 Update 🚀

    New Feature

    1. Support For Ubuntu 22.04

    2. Openlitespeed .htaccess detection and restart OLS automatically

    3. Allow Public Git Repository in Auto Deployments

    4. One Click Fix Application Files Permission

    5. Server and Application Timezone

    6. Server Location Country Flag


  2. v6.4.2 Update 🚀

    New Feature

    1. Integration with Hetzner

    2. Integration with Linode

    3. Updated "Create" button on the dashboard. So, You can create an application and database directly from the homepage. No need to navigate through the server panel.

    4. Improvement in application type recognition.

    5. Allow dashes and underscores in the Application name.

    6. Add reload option in ServerAvatar services section.


  3. We updated old Support chat.

    Note: If you still see an old widget then please once refresh page.


  4. v6.4 Update 🚀

    New Feature

    New Features

    1. Extended Support
    2. File Upload in File Manager
    3. 2FA with Authenticator App
    4. Direct Installation
    5. Add Account Preferences
    6. Delete Account
    7. Add PHP Setting for auto_prepend_value


    1. Update UI for Server Connect Process


  5. A lot of cloud platforms and server providers started providing servers with swap memory installed out-of-the-box.

    Due to this, The server installation would fail sometimes, Or the installation would create two swap memories on your server which is not required.

    However, The conflict is solved. If your server has SWAP memory by-default, ServerAvatar will acknowledge that, will not create a new SWAP memory, and will allow the installation without any issues.